About the Artist

Hello! I'm a hobbyist artist who is also majoring in Web Design at NAIT: Institute of Technology in Alberta, Canada. I spend a lot of my time drawing art, and sometimes play games during break-times. I travel between Canada and United States to sell art at anime/comic conventions!

Name: Gigi Lau
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Artist/Student
Favorite Food: Mapo Tofu, Green Tea
Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Sleeping, Eating

    Website Info

  • Website was made from scratch with Sublime Text 2 using html, css and lightbox javascript, all images were edited/made with Photoshop CS6, and Artworks were all drawn by me on on Sai Paint Program.

  • Work Experiance

  • [10+] Adobe Photoshop
  • [14+] Illustration / drawing
  • [06-09] Bellerose Student Festival: Staff Artist
  • [10-13] Animethon: Staff Artist
  • [10-13] Anime Revolution: Staff Artist
  • [11-12] Great Canadian Appathon

  • Contact Info

  • Email laugigi@live.com